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Cobwebs Technologies is a worldwide leader in web intelligence. Our innovative solutions are tailored to operational needs of national security agencies and the private sector, identifying threats with just one click.  Cobwebs provides a leading AI-powered, user-friendly search engine for deep, automated web investigations. Extract critical, intelligent insights with ease and efficiency from numerous internet sources.

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AREA AREA, is the Italian leading technology Industry and provider of Unconventional Communication and IP Info-Intelligence solutions.AREA provides an “end to end” Dual Use Info-Intelligence CC forHLS/HLD scenarios; satisfying Government Agencies’ need to securely and effectively gather precious information to contrast menaces to Citizen’s security and prevent digital attacks.
AREA Westbridge Technologies is a provider of advanced cyber and intelligence collection capabilities. Our technology product suite provides Intelligence, Defense, and Law Enforcement agencies unique capabilities in tracking high-value individuals and gaining visibility into their terror and criminal planning activities. We offer tactical, network, and strategic solutions with global reach while continually assessing and keeping pace with emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

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