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Rayzone Group

Rayzone Group utilizes intelligence expertise, operational experience, and in-house engineers to deliver boutique intelligence-based solutions for national agencies. Comprehensive methodology provides forward-thinking intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities, while our offering entails stand-alone, integrated systems, as well as end-to-end turnkey national projects, all of which are delivered within one holistic ecosystem.

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AREA Advanced Systems is a provider in Comint solutions ; Advanced Systems provide lawful interception system for voice and IP. We are specialized in handling very big data streams ( several 100GBit/s), being able to retrieve any interesting information thanks to our embedded "Analytics Intelligence" and our Intelligent Data Retention System. Advanced Systems can provide also massive passive GSM off the air interception system.
AREA AREA, is the Italian leading technology Industry and provider of Unconventional Communication and IP Info-Intelligence solutions.AREA provides an “end to end” Dual Use Info-Intelligence CC forHLS/HLD scenarios; satisfying Government Agencies’ need to securely and effectively gather precious information to contrast menaces to Citizen’s security and prevent digital attacks.
ATIS ATIS systems is a German, private held company offering first-class complete solutions for legal interception, mediation, data retention, and IT forensics. Belonging to the world leaders in technology in this field, we have been developing high performance systems for over 70 years. Clients all over the world have placed their trust in our high-quality standards, our innovative technologies, and our absolute reliability.
ClearTrail ClearTrail Technologies is a leading provider of Communication Analytics Solutions that derives intelligence from data unlike ever before. As the threat landscape is changing rapidly, conventional monitoring approaches are getting obsolete and government agencies & enterprises need a new way of monitoring and analysing the communication networks. ClearTrail has come up with path breaking solutions that are designed to analyse even dark communication in massive data sets and connect the dots to create a single view of “Person of Interest”. Our solutions are designed to transform the investigation paradigm from reactive to proactive, empowering our clients to perceive emerging threats & reveal the potential suspects behind it.

Cobwebs Technologies is a worldwide leader in web intelligence. Our innovative solutions are tailored to operational needs of national security agencies and the private sector, identifying threats with just one click.

Cobwebs solutions were designed by our intelligence and security experts as vital tools for the collection and analysis of data from all web layers: social media, open, deep and dark web. Our web intelligence platform monitors these vast sources of data to reveal hidden leads and generate insights. 

Feedback Italia Focusing on developing pioneering audio and video communication solutions since its early establishment in year 2000, Feedback Italia specializes in designing and developing customized cyber security solutions and systems, always being increasingly committed to provide unprecedented levels of communication security to governmental agencies, military institutions and leading global businesses.
Innova Innova provides high-tech solutions to Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide. Our solutions are designed to be effective, versatile, reliable and easy-to-use. Thanks to a deep expertise in telecommunication applied to security sector, Innova products support Public Prosecutor’s Offices and Law Enforcement Agencies in any type of monitoring activity with advanced technology.
Innova We believe that everyone is entitled to feel safe in their life. This is why we integrate technologies, empowering Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies to collect and analyze data in the most advanced and secured methods, enabling them to create insights to win the digital race.
Inter Probe Interprobe designs products, solutions and services for the technological needs of sectors at different levels, especially for institutions and organizations which operate with confidentiality. We design and manufacture new generation technologies in order to provide real solutions to add value to your business with our software which is developed constantly.


IPS is an Italian high-tech company with 30 years’ experience in the design and delivery of "turnkey" solutions for Communication Monitoring and Analysis. IPS solutions are specifically designed for Homeland Security Departments and Intelligence Agencies that need to intercept, collect and deep analyze heterogeneous data such as phone calls, Internet traffic, data coming from electronic surveillance devices and third parts databases. The IPS monitoring platforms are used today in around 20 countries in 4 continents: Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.
Logically Founded in 2017 by Lyric Jain, Logically combines advanced AI with one of the world’s largest dedicated fact-checking teams to help governments, businesses, and the public uncover and address harmful misinformation and deliberate disinformation that is increasingly spread across the world. The company’s mission is to reduce the harms associated with mis- and disinformation, working to reduce the individual, institutional, and societal damage caused by misleading and deceptive online discourse. Logically was awarded a place in the 2020/21 Applied AI 2.0  and the 2021/22 Upscale 7.0 cohorts by Tech Nation, and in 2021 was named one of the most exciting tech companies working with governments by international consultancy, StateUp. In 2021, Logically was named one of the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence companies by Fast Company and awarded the Rising Star in Tech award at the CogX Awards. The company has teams in the U.K., U.S. and India.
Memento Labs

negg is a 100% Italian company with a unique technological know-how in cyber space. The company is the market leader in the niche in-house cyber intelligence products that are constantly improved to include innovative assets for investigatory purposes.

The imperative of the company is to continue creating high standard security software, to help Governments and Companies to prevent ransom requests, information leakage and data loss.

negg is offering operational and technology support services to manage and automate its high-quality cyber intelligence and cyber security products.


Rakia group develops and delivers a wide range of innovative solutions to governmental and federal authorities, that allow them to cope with today`s challenges such as terror, money laundering, fraud, Immigration & customs, cyber-security, and other threats. All with a state-of-the-art, easy to use, Big Data platform and its designated modules.


RCS provides highly scalable, secure and comprehensive lawful interception and digital surveillance systems to approved Governments and Agencies enabling them to digitally collect and see a deep and rich intelligence picture of their persons of interest and to visualise their timings, intentions and capabilities. Collection – Decoding – Processing - Correlation – Analysis.
S2T S2T provides cyber intelligence solutions which are Adaptable, AI-Driven, Automated, and provide Actionable intelligence. S2T’s unique collection tools leverage automated AI-based social engineering to provide real time information on targets of interest. AI-based risk scoring allows us to identify the most relevant targets or threats in a crowd, using whatever data is available on targets.
Sinovatio Sinovatio Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which was founded in 2003 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017 with stock code 002912. After years of rapid development the company has become a leading enterprise providing communication and cyberspace visualization and analysis products, big data operation products, radio network products etc., with stable performance and excellent quality.

VASTech is an internationally recognized  as a leading-edge innovator and preferred independent global supplier of telecommunications solutions to national governments and the law enforcement community.

VASTech offers a total, unified solution to national governments and the law enforcement community, that allows for the capture and analysis of signals from diverse areas such as satellite, RF, optic fibre and mobile networks. VASTechoffers supplementary turnkey services in terms of system engineering, project management, RF front-end and antenna management integration, as well as implementation and training.


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