Online Officer Safety: Protecting Yourself in Cyberspace

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August 14, 2018 : Online Webinar

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM New York Time, Eastern USA Time

Free and Only for Law Enforcement, The Government Intelligence Community, Private Enterprise Security Managers and ISS Vendors.
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Online Officer Safety: Protecting Yourself in Cyberspace

Police officers, crime analysts, and other investigative professionals are high value targets for cyber criminals.  Too often, they are also soft targets.  This Webinar will cover the fundamentals of securing wireless networks both at home and when traveling, understanding and controlling social media footprints, and securing digital devices.  Many police officers have a personal security and family security plan.  In 2018, it is important for those plans to extend to the internet, how you connect to the internet, and the devices that are used to make those connections.  This Webinar will provide specific, critical recommendations to develop good cyber security plans, processes, and practices, regarding:

1. Wi-Fi in public settings

2. Wi-Fi at home and work

3. Spearphishing of high value targets

4. Exposure of personal information

5. Major Incidents


Charles Cohen, Cohen Training and Consulting, LLC
Charles Cohen also holds the position of Captain, Indiana State Police

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