Collecting Evidence from Online Social Media: Building a Cyber-OSINT Toolbox

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April 3, 2018 : Online Webinar

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM New York Time, Eastern USA Time
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM London, UK Time

Free and Only for Law Enforcement, The Government Intelligence Community, Private Enterprise Security Managers and ISS Vendors.
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Collecting Evidence from Online Social Media: Building a Cyber-OSINT Toolbox

There is a rapid evolution in the technologies people use to communicate and share material with each other, in the companies providing the sharing platforms, and in how people choose to communicate with each.  People are increasingly choosing to communicate using text, images, and videos rather than traditional electronic voice communications.  And, they increasingly choose to use platforms that make this communication openly available for others to view.  This means that evidence associated with not just metadata, but also content of communications can often be collected through open sources long after the communication if completed.   

While evidence of criminality and victimization can be recovered through open source investigative techniques, many of the commercial tools marketed to criminal investigators and analysts are expensive.  This sometimes places them outside the reach of police departments.  And, social media companies are increasingly blocking API connections for commercial tools that allow the tools to be used for, “surveillance”.  For these reasons, it is increasingly important for criminal investigators and analysts to build an inexpensive cyber-OSINT toolbox.

This Webinar will discuss the rapidly evolving ecosystem of online social media and how people are changings how they choose to communicate.  It will then detail and demonstrate free and inexpensive cyber-OSINT tools that criminal investigators and analysts can use to start build a cyber-OSINT toolbox.


Charles Cohen, Cohen Training and Consulting, LLC 
Charles Cohen also holds the position of Captain, Office of Intelligence & Investigative Technologies, Indiana State Police, USA

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