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SS8 is a leading worldwide provider of end-to-end communications and cyber intelligence solutions. We enable LEAs and national governments to collect and monitor current and evolving voice and IP data communications in accordance with local laws and standards. Our solutions empower telecommunications providers to get the most return on their compliance investments, and we efficiently support a wide range of protocols, applications and communication methods, regardless of what device, application, or network type today’s terrorist or criminals use. We recognize that in today’s world of known threats, new approaches are necessary to uncover the unknown.

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AQSACOM is a global leader in Telecommunications Security Solutions, providing real-time Lawful Interception, Data Retention, Mobility Tracking and Surveillance Solutions. AQSACOM’s core business focuses upon end-to end, turnkey systems for fulfilling Lawful Interception requirements and specializes in work involving highly heterogeneous networking and service environments. AQSACOM’s diverse customer portfolio includes clients from more than 35 countries spanning 5 continents. Regional offices are located in Paris, Dubai, Hyderabad, Melbourne, Florianopolis, and New York City


AREA is a market-leading independent provider of turn-key, fully integrated end-to-end communication surveillance solutions for law enforcement organizations worldwide. The MCR solution portfolio ranges from interception/mediation to collection/retention as well as data analysis. Leveraging our extensive track-record and field experience, we aim to provide solutions which simplify complexity


Founded in 2008 Fiberblaze has rapidly grown to become a significant OEM supplier of FPGA based high performance Network Interface Cards for the Financial, Telecommunications and Cyber Security sectors. Our growth is fueled by our ability to provide solutions which match customer requirements, from unconfigured hardware platforms to fully configured solutions with focus on ultra-low latency and no loss data handling at full line rate.

Hacking Team

For 10 years Hacking Team has been helping law enforcement stop crime and terrorism. In an age of universal encryption, our technology gives government agencies the ability to see communications of suspects in the clear. The latest version, “Galileo” enables examination of the contents of endpoint devices and offers the widest selection of infection vectors available, all without protection systems being able to detect the investigation in progress. Find out more at


Yaana Technologies is a leading global provider of intelligent Compliance Solutions with accurate data retention, sophisticated security, and unique analytical capabilities. Our solutions offer our customers a cost-effective path to address the complexities related to meeting compliance needs in the rapidly evolving information-communications and cloud markets worldwide.


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