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trovicor is a worldwide leader in end-to-end communications and intelligence solutions, security services and consultancy support. The company supplies systems based on own state-of-the art core developments for criminal investigation and national security to governmental customers around the globe. Public authorities turn to trovicor for solutions to prevent crime and enhance safety and security in accordance with local laws and standards. Leveraging our sophisticated knowledge of network technologies and operations, databases, call and IP data flows and ever-changing communication protocols and applications, our customers rely on our experience in the most sophisticated, advanced communication networks and environments.


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Advanced Middle East Systems

Advanced Systems is a provider in Comint solutions ; Advanced Systems provide lawful interception system for voice and IP. We are specialized in handling very big data streams ( several 100GBit/s), being able to retrieve any interesting information thanks to our embedded "Analytics Intelligence" and our Intelligent Data Retention System. Advanced Systems can provide also massive passive GSM off the air interception system.


Founded in Berlin more than a decade ago, AGT is a leading security solutions provider with a strong consultancy focus and extensive system integration expertise. Ranking as one of the top global cyber security and intelligence providers, AGT strategically focuses on delivering state of the art/cutting edge solutions to developing markets. Our security competencies include: Social Media Open Source Investigation, Massive and Lawful Interception-the heart of our business, Digital Forensics including several national laboratories in the region, Data and Voice Encryption-up to national level projects, Datacenter Consultancy, Cyber Security & Digital Forensics Training, Open Source Intelligence. The projects were finalized in over a dozen countries in Europe, The Middle East and North Africa.

Ascqucom For 20 years AQSACOM has been a pioneer and leading innovator of Lawful Interception and Data Retention Solutions trusted by Governments and Telecommunications Operators worldwide and an established contributor to the leading international standards – 3GPP & ETSI.Today’s world demands highly sophisticated solutions with the depth and capacity to carry out Targeted Lawful Interception and Big Data Retention with powerful investigative analysis tools to help prevent against the most modern and increasingly sophisticated attacks and threats. AQSACOM, trusted innovative technology today!


AREA is a market-leading independent provider of turn-key, fully integrated end-to-end communication surveillance solutions for law enforcement organizations worldwide. The MCR solution portfolio ranges from interception/mediation to collection/retention as well as data analysis. Leveraging our extensive track-record and field experience, we aim to provide solutions which simplify complexity.

ATIS ATIS systems is a German, private held company with an outstanding history of success and experience in providing turn-key, customer-centric state-of-the-art lawful interception technology and monitoring systems – KLARIOS® product line. Our integrated KLARIOS® solutions cover all ranges of today’s voice, mobile and IP data communication networks for network operators and Internet service providers with the focus on single operational view. Using our IP probe systems we are able to handle high speed IP traffic and provide a deep analysis of collected content based on Deep Application Inspection. Our KLARIOS Analytics® product provides comprehensive deep application and social network functionalities for analysis with a powerful and intuitive analyst interface.

BTT With over 14 years of global experience, BTT is specialized on R&D of Communication Intelligence software and hardware systems. BTT provides the essential tools for Law Enforcement, Intelligence and ranged its portfolio to GSM Interception and Locators, Big Data Analysis, Recording and Monitoring Systems and Computer Aided Control systems

ClearTrail ClearTrail is leading provider of communication monitoring solutions to LEA’s, Intelligence Agencies and Telecom carriers worldwide. Our solutions are deployed across hundreds of communication links and empower agencies to:
- Mass Intercept GSM/CDMA, PSTN, GPRS, EDGE, 3G/3.5G, Wi-Max, VSAT, & IP links
- Monitor Wi-Fi networks and replay HTTPS sessions
- Analyze vast amount of information
- Remote intrusion and monitoring

finfisher FinFisher solutions help government law enforcement and intelligence agencies to identify, locate and convict serious criminals. With innovative products, tailor-made solutions and end-to-end services FinFisher closes the gap in traditional investigative methods. Its portfolio allows governments to gain access to protected, offline information and relevant web-based communication channels

Gamma International Gamma Group is an international manufacturer of surveillance & monitoring systems with technical and sales offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We provide advanced technical surveillance, monitoring and Media Mining/OSINT solutions, advanced government training, as well as international consultancy to National and State Intelligence Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies.

GSN Global Security Network (GSN) is a UAE based, French-owned Company, with more than 15 years of experience in delivering high-end IT Security projects in the Middle East. GSN focuses on delivering specialized IT Security solutions to customers like Internal Security, Military, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure and Oil & Gas in the Middle East. GSN is the Value-Added Distributor of Fox-IT, Netherlands, for Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries in the Middle East. GSN is responsible for the distribution of the Fox Data Diode, the leading European one-way gateway solution, for National Security, SCADA, and ICS/DCS applications.

Hacking Team

Hacking Team provides the premier offensive technology solution: Remote Control System. Proven by more than 10 years of worldwide adoption and designed to fulfill LEAs and Security Agencies highest expectations, newly released version 8 "Da Vinci" gives you total control over endpoint devices, offering the widest selection of infection vectors, showing total invisibility to protection systems and implementing the most sophisticated data gathering techniques. Find out more at


IPS is a leading global provider of Communication Intelligence solutions. The company develops the most complete Monitoring Centre and Network Monitoring platform for the LI market. After 25 years of market presence and more than 10 years in active fight against cybercrime, IPS can offer state-of-the-art technology for massive Interception enhanced with in-line features facing the HTTPS challenge in the Big Data environment.


Founded in May 2003, Knowlesys International Ltd. is a leader in the web intelligence monitoring. Our Knowlesys Intelligence System provides a powerful platform for the target-centric approach to intelligence. It will help user to mine the intelligence daily from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Chat Room, Forum, News etc.


NeoSoft AG aims at the development, production and distribution of informatics and security products, based on cellular technologies 3G, GSM, LTE, CDMA. Our worldwide known equipment is: GSM/3G Mobile Active Monitoring System, GSM Passive and Hybrid Monitoring Systems , CDMA Passive and Active Monitoring Systems, IMSI/IMEI GSM/UMTS/LTE catcher, InPoint SMS System, GSM communication system, Localization System, Rescue solutions.


Polaris Wireless is the global leader in providing high-accuracy, software-based wireless location solutions for wireless operators, law enforcement/government agencies and location-based application companies. Since 2003, Polaris Wireless has successfully completed 49 global deployments for public safety, national security and commercial LBS applications. Polaris Wireless is the recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan “2011 and 2014 Enabling Technology of the Year” award for its patented Wireless Location Signatures technology that uniquely enables accurate indoor, outdoor and vertical location and accurate mass location.


Sinovatio is a leading global network security solutions provider which is founded in 2003. Based on our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the lawful interception, wireless locating, intelligence analysis, digital forensics, video surveillance, intelligent fencing, public opinion mining and other related fields. As excellent network security expert, We are committed to creating maximum value for global consumers by providing competitive network security solutions and services. Our products and solutions have already been deployed in over 20 countries.


SDL is a global provider of language processing solutions for Government and Intelligence Organizations combining social media monitoring, automated language translation and data analytics technologies to meet today’s demanding government intelligence requirements.The SDL Government Intelligence Language Platform (GiLP) is a critical component in any governmental intelligence framework. GiLP enables high quality, real-time translation and analytics of massive quantities of data sourced from the internet or other electronic feeds. GiLP offers secure, on premise technologies and API’s for handling sensitive data across 100+ language combinations. More information on


Semptian Technologies Limited is a network solutions expert with over 10 years of technical experience. Founded with a focus on continuous product innovation, Semptian is internationally recognized as a network-monitoring specialist delivering resources with a sincere and quality attitude. Reaching customers across the globe, Semptian has established itself in regions including Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Working with clients including intelligence groups, defense organizations and law enforcement agencies, Semptian has solutions for various projects and objectives facing these teams today.


SS8 is a leading communications insight and network forensics company serving a global install base in three markets: intelligence and LEAs for communications analytics and investigations; enterprise security enabling threat detection across the largest networks; and compliance for CSPs and web-based application service providers facing existing and emerging lawful intercept requirements.


Tasheel is a leading Information Technology firm with expertise and proven track record in system integration, network and security infrastructure, office automation systems, IT consultancy and project management. Tasheel¹s extensive range of IT services includes Enterprise Security, Mobile Applications Development, Built-to-Order Solutions, Enterprise Application Integration, Cloud Based Services, Data Center, and Unified Communications.


Since 1994 Utimaco has been developing lawful interception and data retention systems for telecom operators and Internet service providers. Utimaco’s carrier-grade systems enable real-time monitoring and long term data retention in public telecommunication networks. The systems interface with essentially all common network technologies and communications services. Utimaco is the preferred LI partner of many of the world’s leading network equipment manufacturers. With around 250 installations in over 80 countries, Utimaco is a leading global supplier in the Lawful Interception and Data Retention market. Utimaco participates in LI standardization and supports international standardization institutes and telecom associations, such as, ETSI, 3GPP, ANSI/ATIS, eco, VATM, and Bitkom. For more information visit

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