Understanding "Defeating Encryption" with Quantum Computing for Non-Engineers

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May 7, 2020 : Online Webinar

TIME: 9:00-10:00 AM New York Time, Eastern USA Time

Free for Law Enforcement, the government intelligence community and private enterprise cyber security managers. Registration with Government or Corporate e-mail address is required.

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Understanding "Defeating Encryption" with Quantum Computing for Non-Engineers

Countless news articles have been written about quantum computers, the magic of entangled qubits and all the new business opportunities that will be created with these general-purpose computing machines.  But what is not addressed in these articles is you don’t need a general purpose quantum computer to defeat today’s cryptography.  While these general-purpose machines are likely a decade away from deployment, an application specific quantum circuit (ASQC) designed for one purpose only, e.g. defeating today’s public key encryption may be but a few years away.

This webinar is for cyber security executives and specialists who have the responsibility of assessing the lead time they have before deploying quantum safe cryptography solutions. If you believe nation state security agencies are developing quantum computers to decrypt your past and future intercepted transmission sessions, this high level webinar should be a must attend briefing.

"Keep it simple but not that simple"
- Albert Einstein

Meantime in order to make this lead time assessment for quantum safe cryptography deployment you need to track performance metrics of key components of quantum computing technology.  And to do this you need to understand how a quantum computing circuit works when designed for the sole purpose of defeating public key encryption only.  

This "30,000 foot view" Webinar (10 sessions, 5 minutes each) Addresses:

  1. What potentially makes quantum computers more powerful than today's electronic computers: qubit superpositioning, entanglement & interference (light on quantum mechanics)

  2. A one-to-one functional comparison of a general-purpose computer with an application specific quantum circuit designed to do but one thing, defeat today's public key encryption (light on computer technology)

  3. Qubit gates and circuits explained (light on mathematics)

  4. The encryption busting, Shor’s Factoring Algorithm explained (again, light on mathematics)

  5. A Step-by-Step walk through of what goes on within a quantum circuit designed to process a small public encryption key as numerical input, probablistic measurements along the way through the delivery of numerical private key as output thereby defeating encryption (light on physics and mathematics as well)

  6. Quantum Computing Challenges with decrypting large public keys (e.g. RSA 2048 class) and the performance metrics (number of entangled qubits, logic gates, longevity, etc.) cyber security specialists need to be monitoring.

  7. Leading quantum computer hardware options supported by IBM, Microsoft & Google vs. defeating encryption only, application specific quantum circuit architectures.

  8. Why annealing quantum computers achieving thousands of qubits, today are not able to successfully run Shor Type (e.g. defeating encryption) algorithms.

  9. Other Defeating Cryptography Targets for Quantum Computing (Bitcoin Blochcain, Symmetric Keys and 5G IoT)

  10. Quantum Safe Cryptography Options (QSA & QKD) and deployment readiness challenges.

Presented by:
Jerry Lucas (PhD, Physics)
President, TeleStrategies

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