What Investigators Need to Know about Hiding on the Internet

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October 2, 2018 : Online Webinar

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM New York Time, Eastern USA Time

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What Investigators Need to Know about Hiding on the Internet

When someone visits a Web site, blog, or social media platform information about the person is visible to the site administrator, blogger, or social media company.  This information can be used by a criminal investigator or analyst to identify and locate a suspect.  But, it can also be used by a criminal to identify, compromise, and potential locate an investigator.  It is vitally important that investigators and analyst that are going to collect information from the Internet or communicate in a covert capacity on the internet understand these potential investigative leads and possible vulnerabilities. 

Criminal investigators and analysts need to understand how it is possible for people to conceal and obfuscate their identity and location on the Internet.  This ability to hide ones identity and location on the Internet can be both a challenge and an opportunity.  Various methods of hiding ones identity and location, while engaged in activates on the Internet, provides an opportunity for investigators to engage in covert online research while also providing a means for criminals to engage in surreptitious communication in furtherance of nefarious activities.  As technologies, such as digital device fingerprinting, emerge as ways to attribute identity this becomes a topic about which every investigator and analyst must become familiar.

This Webinar will include information on IP fingerprinting, browser/software fingerprinting, and device fingerprinting.  It will also cover the most common methods used both by criminals and criminal investigators to conceal their identities and locations while engaging in online social networking and online communication.  The advantages and disadvantages of each method will be explored in detail.


Charles Cohen, Cohen Training and Consulting, LLC
Charles Cohen also holds the position of Captain, Indiana State Police

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