Understanding "The Very Basics" of Quantum Computing and What to Expect 5 Years Out

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June 19, 2018 : Online Webinar

TIME: 9:00-10:00 AM New York Time, Eastern USA Time

Free for Law Enforcement, the government intelligence community and private enterprise cyber security managers. Registration with Government or Corporate e-mail address is required.

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Understanding "The Very Basics" of Quantum Computing and What to Expect 5 Years Out

This very basic, one-hour webinar is for cyber security and intelligence gathering professionals who must understand quantum computing technology basics to assess artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as defeating encryption applications but do not have any significant advanced academic training in physics, mathematics nor engineering.

"Keep it simple but not that simple"
- Albert Einstein

Specifically, this webinar covers:

  • What potentially makes quantum computers more powerful than today's electronic computers: qubits, superpositioning, entanglement & interference (light on quantum physics)

  • A one-to-one functional comparison of a general-purpose computer with an application specific quantum circuit designed to do but one thing, for example defeating today's public key encryption (light on computer technology)

  • Qubit gates and circuits explained (light on the physics and mathematics)

  • The basics of the three leading quantum computing architectures: Ion Traps, Superconducting Circuits and Annealing and the application advantages and disadvatages of each.

  • The key development challenges: qubit error correction, decoherence, algorithms and more.

  • Leading general purpose quantum computing hardware options supported by IBM, Microsoft & Google for artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimization applications and the top 5 early government / commerce applications to expect within 5 years including defeating encryption.

Presented by:
Jerry Lucas (PhD, Physics)
President, TeleStrategies

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