Criteria for Selecting a Mobile Threat Intelligence Solution for Government Network Security

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July 12, 2017 : Online Webinar

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Criteria for Selecting a Mobile Threat Intelligence Solution for Government Network Security

Almost all commercial enterprise cyber security platofrm offerings contains a mobile threat intelligence component. However, a mobile threat intelligence components for government networks are far more demanding. Consider:

  1. Government Cyber Threat Requirements
    Commercial threat intelligence platforms don't meet the necessary requirments and standards that must be met for government networks. For example, US Federal Agencies (DoD, DHS, OMB, NIST, etc) have numberous mobile security baseline and reference architectures that must be met.

  2. Protection Against Hackers
    Commercial Products providing safeguards against hacking are generally designed to thwart individual or a small group of hackers engaged in ransomware, DoS attacking, data base breaching, etc. Government Network Security officers face more than "run-of-the-mill" hackers. They face nation states with powerfull IT intrusion capabilities that are conducting nothing less than cyber warfare. This requires added layers of security protection and in some cases cyber threat investigation support beyond security alone.

  3. Privacy vs. Safety
    Commercial Mobile Network security solutions address user privacy. For many government security solutions its beyond privacy, it's about user safety as well as anonimity. Law Enforcement agents operating covertly or federal law enforcement agents traveling abroad find themselves in danger if identified or if message content is intercepted.

This webinar presents the criteria for selecting a governments strength, mobile threat intelligence and security solutions.


Varun Kohli, Vice President,Skycure

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