Criteria for Selecting a Mobile Threat Defense Solution for Government Mobile Security

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July 12, 2017 : Online Webinar

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Criteria for Selecting a Mobile Threat Defense Solution for Government Mobile Security

The recent evolution in mobile security solutions has centered around marketing to the enterprise, yet verticals with stringent regulations are still struggling to identify acceptable options. The requirements for Government infrastructures are often even more stringent in the areas of threat intelligence, advanced threat defense, user privacy and even safety. Join this webinar to learn the best practices for evaluating solutions for government organizations:

  • All threat intelligence is not the same

    Threat intelligence is not just about numbers, but also about the depth and relevance of the information collected. Then there has to be deep analysis that leads to accurate and effective actions while minimizing the impact on user productivity and device resources.

  • Understand Advanced Threats and How to Defend Against Them

    Hackers have evolved from annoying to dangerous. Today’s advanced threats are more effective at targeting individuals with social engineering techniques, silently infiltrating mobile devices, and hiding from security solutions. Only the most advanced prediction and detection techniques will be effective to protect against undisclosed vulnerabilities.

  • Is Privacy Inherent to the Solution?

    Most solutions rely on private APIs and side loading the security app, which complicates deployment and adoption, but more importantly risks the privacy, and perhaps the security, of the mobile user. Learn what it takes to ensure personal information is not accessible to the solution.


Brian Duckering, Skycure

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