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AREA, is the Italian leading technology Industry and provider of Unconventional Communication and IP Info-Intelligence solutions.AREA provides an “end to end” Dual Use Info-Intelligence CC forHLS/HLD scenarios; satisfying Government Agencies’ need to securely and effectively gather precious information to contrast menaces to Citizen’s security and prevent digital attacks.


FinFisher solutions help government law enforcement and intelligence agencies to identify, locate and convict serious criminals. With innovative products, tailor-made solutions and end-to-end services FinFisher closes the gap in traditional investigative methods. Its portfolio allows governments to gain access to protected, offline information and relevant web-based communication channels


Gamma Group is an international manufacturer of surveillance & monitoring systems with technical and sales offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We provide advanced technical surveillance, monitoring and Media Mining/OSINT solutions, advanced government training, as well as international consultancy to National and State Intelligence Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies.


trovicor is a world leader in lawful intelligence technology, providing end-to-end monitoring and intelligence solutions to more than 35 governments across the globe. With 20+ years’ experience of collaborating with governments worldwide, trovicor’s solutions are a powerful tool proven to help governments protect their citizens against the threat of criminal activity and safeguard national security. With these tools, we help criminal investigators detect traces of criminal activity, identify suspects and transform this intelligence into reliable and accurate evidence to be used in court, speeding up investigations and helping to solve crimes. More info:


VASTech (Pty) Ltd, an independent company, created in 1999, with the head office in South Africa, and offices located in Dubai and Switzerland, is recognized internationally as a leading edge innovator and preferred independent global supplier of massive data acquisition, utilization and value extraction solutions. We provide solutions to governments not under United Nations or other security sanctions. Selected solutions to the commercial market are also available. Our products are fully supported with extensive training given, drawing on 14 years global experience.


Verint Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions™ help law enforcement, national security and other government agencies neutralize terror and crime, facilitate communications service provider compliance with lawful interception mandates, and assist public sector organizations in detecting and thwarting cyber-attacks. Using Verint solutions, organizations can efficiently collect, monitor and analyze Big Data from virtually any communication network or data source.


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